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Wig Education

Posted by Jay Dumas on

Topics Basic head prep for wearing wigs Handling and application of hair pieces Washing and roller setting wigs Creating hairstyles using wigs Coloring of Wigs Wig styling Wig maintenance Let the Wig Whisperer show you how to take care of and style your wig. Her stylists can also trim and style your wig to fit your face and style. Whether professional or night life, we have the styles you are looking for.

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Dealing With Chemotherapy | Dealing With Alopecia | Hair Loss | Wigs

Posted by Pauline Trusty on

From the start of Wig Galaxy, 40 years ago, a majority of our clientele were women going through chemotherapy. Statistics say that in 2010, there were over 680 thousand women who were diagnosed with some type of cancer. So we began to specialize in patients going through chemotherapy and other hair loss problems. Unlike other wig retailers, we will provide our clients with a free one on one discreet consultation, whether it be over the phone, email, or in person. Pauline "Wig Whisperer" Trusty, is trusted by many patients. Are you asking yourself: With everything that is going on, how...

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